Barre Nanaimo Vegan

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It literally melts in the mouth!

Organic coconut base, walnuts, raw cocoa: tasty.

Hint of creamy tahini, creamed coconut and maple: wow.

And we end with a real 70% chocolate poured and cooled on the top, we like !!

Gluten free snack

Ingredients: Cashew *, Dates *, Chocolate 70%, Walnuts *, Cocoa *, Coconut *, Maple syrup, Cocoa nib *, Coconut oil *, Vanilla extract * Organic
Ingredients: Cashews*, Dates*, Dark Chocolate 70%, Walnuts*, Cacao*, Coconut*, Maple syrup, Cacao Nibs*, Coconut Oil*, Vanilla Extract      *Organic

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